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Archive for April, 2007

Synchronicity Films

Friday, April 13th, 2007
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Good news for a Glasgow production company. Local production outfit, Synchronicity Films has just signed a first-look and umbrella deal with indie powerhouse Shed Productions. What’s this? you may ask. Well, Shed - the company behind classics like Bad Girls and Footballers Wives, not to mention current hit Waterloo Road - will invest in and work in partnership with Synchronicity on a raft of new drama projects and Shed’s newly acquired distribution arm, Outright, will distribute the new dramas resulting from the collaboration.

Obviously, this is very good news and Synchronicity - helmed by not one, but two BAFTA award winners, Claire Mundell and Justin Molotnikov - are, according to Claire, “… delighted to be teaming up with one of the UK’s most successful drama companies”.

But most importantly, what I really want to know, is there a possibility of a Footballer’s Wives style bling-fest being filmed in Glasgow? Oh, the thought of Jordan making a guest appearance…