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BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards 2010 - Call for Entries

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The BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards exist to encourage and promote emerging talent in the Scottish moving image industry.

Since they began in 1996, BAFTA Scotland’s New Talent Awards have served to highlight and promote some of the most innovative and exciting new talent in film-making in Scotland. As well as encouraging and welcoming new talent in all areas of television production and craft, BAFTA Scotland’s New Talent Awards play a vital role in the promotion of new television productions and films, giving your work the opportunity to reach the largest media, press and public audience possible.

The ceremony will take place on Friday 19th March in Glasgow, and our Call for Entries deadline is Friday 15th January. Please note, that late entries will not be accepted. For a work to be eligible it must be a student work or be made by a first time practitioner in the category in which the work is entered.

For more information please visit:

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