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Gaelic language film opens in central Scotland on Friday

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SEACHD - THE INACCESSIBLE PINNACLE, the Gaelic-language feature produced by Chris Young, receives a general release in central Scotland this Friday, October 5th. Shot entirely in Skye over the summer of 2006, SEACHD tells the story of a young boy sent to live with his grandparents following the tragic loss of his parents. His grandfather’s magical storytelling helps him come to terms with his parents’ deaths.

It was recently announced by BAFTA that SEACHD will not be submitted for foreign language Oscar consideration. According to Screendaily, this has “…stirred some political controversy in Scotland and provoked demands for BAFTA Scotland to have an independent means of submitting eligible Scottish features to the American Academt of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”. The issue will be debated in the Scottish Parliament this Thursday.

To find out more about SEACHD’s attempts to be included for Oscar consideration and the outcome of the Parliamentary debate, take a look at SEACHD’s blog.

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