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The Future of Broadcasting in Scotland

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Broadcasting is central to our modern way of life and a healthy broadcasting industry can bring huge economic and cultural benefits to a country. Creative industries in Scotland account for over 100,000 jobs and around 5 billion of revenue each year, yet broadcasting does not yet reflect this wealth of talent and experience. It remains, in both political and practical terms, still very much an issue to be debated in London, not in Scotland. The setting up of the Broadcasting Commission and its recently published report has changed all of that. New investment has been promised especially by the BBC. Serious questions are now being asked and there are signs that a renaissance of broadcasting is underway. Scotland is putting broadcasting under the microscope and the mood is upbeat.

Delegates will hear from those directly involved in the work of the Commission as well as government policy makers. This one-day conference is a rare opportunity to consider and contest what the future of Scottish broadcasting policy should be.

The Future of Broadcasting Scotland conference will take place on Wednesday 11th February at the Hilton Grosvenor in Edinburgh. For more information and to book your place, please go to: Subsidised places are available through Glasgow City Council Business Services, please contact Glasgow Film Office for more information.

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