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Glasgow Film Office Annual Round up

Given there has been a recognised downturn in filming activity across the UK, Glasgow Film Office is pleased to report a bumper year in production activity. 2008 saw a record number of high impact productions shooting in the city including 26 large scale projects from drama to comedy and light entertainment shot in Glasgow.

We saw a range of projects from feature films such as Valhalla Rising, an action-adventure Viking movie starring Mads Mikkelsen, to home grown projects such as ?Donkey?s? the second film in Sigma and Zentropa?s feature film concept ?Advance Party?. This, coupled with unprecedented levels of network television production such as the BBC?s Christmas flagship drama ?The 39 Steps? and historical pieces such as ?God on Trial? has led to our highest level of local spend since 2004. A mammoth 17,761,000 was generated from production spend and went directly into the Glasgow economy which in turn created 59 new jobs.

GFO continues to provide a consistently high level of support for productions; we offer a first class commissioning service and through some renewed activity to our online location database we have added a whopping 1000 new images and added over 80 exciting new locations. On average, 1800 people visit the Glasgow Film Office website every quarter, with 635 signed up and using our online location database, highlighting the interest and demand for shooting in the city.

For the first half of the year, Glasgow Film Office continued to support local businesses through our business support services and client managed 22 companies across the production and facilities/service industries. Due to funding constraints, GFO?s subvention for this area ended in June 2008 but not before signposting and helping to secure additional finance into their businesses in the region of 200,000 from external sources.

In the latter half of the year GFO teamed up with Glasgow City Council?s Business Training Support to offer financial assistance to the local industry for attendance at selected events and conferences. By the end of 2008 this collaboration proved popular and looking forward to 2009 we want to build upon these foundations.

In the coming months and in this tough economic climate we will be focussing hard on securing projects for the city and for the local crew and facilities. Times are tough, but working in partnership with Glasgow City Council Business Training Support, the local colleges and Scottish Screen we will build upon the success of 2008 to ensure that Glasgow stays on the map as a successful film friendly destination.

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