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Glasgow Film Office 2010 Annual Round up

In the current economic climate Glasgow Film Office (GFO) recorded approximately
£10m of local spend in 2010. Although this is down from previous years there has been
a recognised downturn in filming activity across the UK and production budgets are
being squeezed at an alarming rate.

The number of domestic UK films made last year was 72, an 11% drop on 2009. The
expenditure on making those films – £174 million – registers as a 22% fall. Similarly, in
terms of television production, a recent report by Pact showed that London was still the
source of the vast majority of UK network television. In 2009, Scotland saw a 5%
decrease, with independent production falling 15% and broadcaster network hours
falling 9%. This was offset somewhat, with a 7% increase in spend. In Glasgow, we had
television dramas such as the BBC’s ‘Single Father’, ‘Field of Blood’ and the BBC Four
production ‘Hattie’ all choosing to shoot in the city. We also had television comedy in the shape of ‘Tank Commander’ and ‘Tramadol Nights’.

Through our co-ordinated and efficient production liaison service, GFO continues to
provide a consistently high level of support for productions. In the last year, 271
enquiries come through the office, of which 78% went on to shoot in the city. Our fully
searchable online location database is going from strength to strength with over 500 new
images being added in 2010. And with 954 signed up and using our location database
there is still a clear interest and demand for shooting in the city.

In total, last year GFO recorded 18 large scale projects filming in Glasgow. We saw a
range of projects from indigenous productions such as ‘Citadel’, a Sigma Films co-
production with Blinder Films to incoming productions such as Ecosse Films ‘Decoy
Bride’. This, coupled with steady levels of network television production has led to a
fairly healthy year considering the economic conditions.

In the coming months we will be focussing hard on securing projects for Glasgow and
will continue to promote the city as a viable production hub. In 2011, we aim to keep
local crew and facilities busy and to ensure that Glasgow remains a feasible option for

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