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Registering your property

If you own a property in the Glasgow area, you can list your property in our online database to be considered as a location for film, television and stills shoots. This service is completely FREE of charge.

Any type of property can be submitted, including businesses and exterior locations.  When a production uses a private property for filming, the arrangement, including all discussions regarding fees and access, is between the production and the property owner.  Glasgow Film Office is not party to this arrangement

Location managers can be looking for a number of different locations - grand detached villas, supermarkets, modern build flats, 1960s style hairdressers, Victorian tenements - and we are happy to showcase them all. The décor, size and architectural features will sell your property so be sure to highlight them in your application. 

Our online database will show photographs of your property and give a general indication of where it is located in the city. Your contact details will be disclosed only to legitimate enquirers and all negotiations for the hire of your property will be undertaken between you and the production.

The link on the right will take you to our online registration.  You can send photographs of your property to accompany your registration or, if you prefer, arrange for a member of Glasgow Film Office staff to visit and take pictures for you.

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